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Washboy Pro

Professional washing bucket ideal for cleaning joints while grouting with tufftop, tuffflow, tufftop Utility or tuffjoint Utility.  It includes a floor float lever-effect squeezing facility, and a dual nylon roller system for wall float squeezing. 24 lt. capacity.

The built-in floor float lever-effect squeezing facility eases extra water elimination from any floor float, by simply sliding the sponge float onto the dedicated grid and receptacle. No more need for the user to bend forward or remove the handle.

Rollers are made of nylon (vs. ordinary “plastic”). Featuring an internal lamellar structure extended to the entire length, and rotate on a full-length steel axis (vs. a short “pivot” like cheaper competitors).

The Washboy Pro Kit comes complete with a metal-structure beige sponge floor float, a second high-absorption spare sponge, and its relevant aluminium handle. Further spare sponge floats are available separately.