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Tuffbucket and Scales

Well, it's not exactly indestructible but as builders' buckets go, we know of none that are better than this.

The Steintec all-purpose, 14-litre tuffbucket is manufactured from recycled rubber tyres and may well be a target for envious colleagues. It has been designed to measure precisely, tuffgrit aggregate which has been delivered to site in bulk bags.

A bucket contains exactly 20kgs of aggregate, so five buckets of aggregate to one 25kg sack of tuffbed 2-pack mothermix makes the perfect mix. Varying dampness in the content of bulk bags left in the open means that a daily check using our 40kg digital spring balance will ensure that the bucket can always be filled accurately.

The digital pocket hand scale is lightweight, durable and easy to use. Made from rugged die-cast metal, this is a vertical weighing solution which you can take anywhere. You can absolutely rely on its high accuracy, high-performance weight ratio.

With a stainless steel hook for long, lifetime use, it features automatic calculation with digital readout.

At Steintec, we use the Digital Hand Scale daily to make sure we are accurately measuring smaller quantities of mortar and other products. Traditional non-digital hand scales are often deemed inaccurate, which ultimately could mean product setting times could be held back by a matter of days. To accurately measure our products, we use and recommend this scale.

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