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Forced Action Mixer

Forced action pan mixers are a far more effective and efficient way of mixing dense bedding mortars such as tuffbed 2-pack.

Paddles are driven through the mixing pan, combining materials in a way that a kitchen mixer would mix the ingredients for a cake. In a traditional bell mixer, the ingredients rely on the weaker action of materials falling together in a haphazard and uneven way.

Mixing tuffbed 2-pack like this often causes a high proportion of the dry mortar to seal and encase small areas of the aggregate, resulting in a high proportion of different-sized, ball-shaped clumps. Persistent mixing - and the careful addition of water - eventually breaks these up and the mix becomes satisfactory.

This can be a time-consuming exercise, especially in less powerful mixers, and some of these coated balls of pure aggregate can persist, ultimately causing weak spots in the bedding. We operate a hire fleet of diesel-powered and electric forced action mixers, similar to the one illustrated here.

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