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Weiss Stain Protect Pro: Protection

A post-construction impregnator for natural stone, porcelain and precast concrete paving elements. Forming a transparent and breathable finish to the paving unit to which oil, grease and debris are unable to adhere too.

Creates an easy to clean pavement surface enabling moisture vapour to pass through normally. Paving is easier to clean, reducing long-term maintenance costs. No change to surface structure, appearance, slip resistance or colour.

How it works:

StainProtect Profi bonds tenaciously within the pores beneath a pavement surface, forming a transparent and breathable, highly resilient subsurface system to which oil, grease, dirt and even chewing gum are unable to adhere strongly to. This creates and easy to clean pavement surface through which moisture vapour can pass normally. The paving is simply easier to clean which reduces long-term maintenance costs.


Technical Info:

Form:  fluid
Colour:  slightly yellow
Odour:  mild
pH Value:  ~5,6
Density:  1.1 g/cm³ at 20°C

Available sizes:


Store in the original sealed container in a cool/frost-free place for up to 12 months after purchase.


Approximately 5 - 10 m² / Litre.

Apply 1-2 coats max. depending on paving unit porosity.

How to use:


Previously known as Weiss Stain Protect Profi.