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Weiss RCI: Rust Cleaner

Removes deep rust stains from hard stones, such as granite and acid-resistant materials,  ceramic tiles and terracotta. Prevents re-formation of rust.

RCI allows the removal of rust staining from natural stone surfaces, both internal and external. Suitable for most types of granite and some sandstones, also acid resistant man-made paving and flooring elements such as ceramic tiles and terracotta.

Not for use with limestone, marble and some types of sandstones.

Technical Info:

Form:  fluid
Colour:  watery clear
Odour:  mild
pH Value:  ~2
Density:  1.1 g/cm³ at 20°C

Available sizes:


12 months from delivery date if stored in its original packaging. Keep frost free.


5-10 m² per 1 litre, dependent on the extent of staining and porosity of the surface.

How to use: