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Weiss Grundreiniger: General Cleaning

Grundreiniger may be used for routine cleaning of all types of natural stone and concrete pavements. It removes general traffic stains such as oil, grease, grime and rubber. Ideal for general cleaning or intensive spot cleaning.

How it works:

Releases the hold of organic and inorganic contaminants with the pavement surface, binding particles and liquid soiling strongly within the water used for cleaning, so preventing re-contamination of the surface during the cleaning process.


Technical Info:

Form: fluid
Colour: slightly yellow
Odour: mild
pH Value: 7.5 at 1:20 dilution; ~8 undiluted
Density: 1.05 g/cm³ at 20°C

Available sizes:


Grundreiniger will keep for 12 months from the delivery date in its original packaging. Keep frost free.


    Coverage Approximate coverage, dependent on type of surface and extent of staining
Dilution ratio of parts Grundreiniger to water Location and type of use Area per litre of diluted product (per litre)
1:1 Spot cleaning stubborn stains 3 - 5m²
1:10 Heavily soiled areas 5 - 15m²
1:20 Infrequent maintenance cleaning 10 - 30m²
1:50 Regular maintenance cleaning & cleaning new surfaces prior to applying Stain Protect Profi 25 - 75m²

How to use: