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Weiss CSR: Cement Stain Remover

Removes cement stains from internal and external natural stone surfaces, porcelain and precast Concrete paving elements.

Do NOT use CSR on marble. Seek advice if required for use on Limestone/Sandstone paving elements. Wear suitable protective clothing.

This product is a blend of acid and surfactants, which act quickly to dissolve surface cement residues and hold them in solution. The cement residue suspension is rinsed away. 

CSR Cement Stain Remover is specifically formulated to work with hard natural stone and concrete paving and, unlike some generic acid cleaners, does not contain colourants or other additives that may stain surfaces.

After using CSR, thoroughly clean surfaces with water and Professional Paving Cleaner. A water-based impregnator such as Stain Protect Pro may be used to guard against future staining.

Technical data:

Form: Fluid
Colour: Watery clear
Odour: Mild acidic
pH-value: ~1.2
Density: ~1.3g/cm³ at 20°C
Contains: Orthophosphoric acid <15%, Non-ionic surfactant (R043)

How to use: