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tuffset G - Specialist mortar

Mortar Type: Bedding, Bonding / Priming & Jointing


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A specialist multi-purpose paving mortar.

tuffset G can be used for top to bottom reinstatement of an entire paving structure.

Ideal for overnight rapid repairs and raised traffic tables. Capable of being subjected to heavy trafficking in 3 hours.

Bedding mortar
Use as a high-speed early strength gain bedding mortar. Suitable for three hour trafficking at 20°C.

Bonding mortar
Mixed as a high adhesion slurry paste, for application with a trowel or stiff brush. 

Jointing mortar 
Add water to tuffset G and use a twin paddle mixer or forced action mixer to produce a highly plastic, pourable jointing grout.

As Rapid / overnight
concrete re-instatement
Renewal of an entire paving structure.


Key Features 

tuffset G - (Uniclass 2015) Pr 20  31  53  60  Paving Jointing Mortars and Pr 20  31  53  61  Paving Laying Course Mortars