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tuffbond Utility

tuffbond Utility is a bonding and priming mortar used to enhance the adhesion bond between the paving units and bedding mortar and where present, between the bedding mortar and supporting concrete structure.  

For ease of use tuffbond Utility has been packaged in pre-measured sachets contained in a reusable, recyclable tub. With individual sachets only the required amount of tuffbond Utility is used and wastage is minimised.


Key Features 

  • Creates the essential adhesion bond between bedding and the paving element
  • For small scale paved areas in; sandstone, granite, concrete and porcelain paving units
  • A 1–2 mm thick coat of tuffbond utility, enhances adhesion by 100%
  • Polymer and resin free
  • Provides full BS 7533:101 compliance used in conjunction with tuffbed Utility and tufftop Utility jointing mortar



  1. Prepare equipment
  2. Wash underside of paving units
  3. Add 1 L of clean water per sachet to tub
  4. Add sachet to tub and mix
  5. Brush apply 1-2mm thick coat to the paving unit
  6. Place primed paving unit on bedding

Do NOT allow tuffbond Utility to dry, apply immediately prior to placing paving unit.

When laying on an in-situ or reinforced concrete base, tuffbond Utility should also be applied to the clean surface prior to placing the bedding mortar.

tuffbond Utility is applied with a stiff brush to the entire underside of each individual paving unit.


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tuffbond Utility Bonding & Priming Mortar

tuffbond Utility significantly improves the adhesion of paving units to the bedding mortar, and the adhesion of bedding mortar to the concrete base beneath (if applicable):

If using 1 layer (2mm thick): 0 Kg x 12kg Tubs 0 Kg

If using 2 layer (2mm thick) : 0 Kg x 12kg Tubs 0 Kg