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tuffbond - Priming mortar

Key Features 

  • Creates the essential adhesion bond between bedding and the paving element
  • Applied to supporting concrete structures
  • High resistance to shear forces and thermal stresses
  • Polymer and resin free
  • Provides full BS7533-101 compliance in conjunction with tuffbed, tuffbed 2-pack and tufftop jointing mortars.

A High Performance Bonding and Priming Mortar.

tuffbond is formulated for use in modular pavement construction to meet the specific requirements of BS 7533-101:2021 section 5.4.2.

tuffbond is used to achieve exceptional and permanent bonding between the paving units and bedding mortar and between the bedding mortar and the pavement base.

Features and Benefits

A 1-2mm thick coat of tuffbond applied to the underside of paving units provides a permanent bond of >2MPa between the bedding mortar and natural stone or concrete paving elements (flags, slabs, blocks or setts).

Used to enhance the adhesion bond between a bedding mortar laying course and the supporting structure/concrete road base, where present.

Delivers a highly durable pavement with high resistance to traffic-induced sheer forces and thermal stresses when used in combination with tuffbed 2-pack and tufftop jointing mortar.Completely polymer and resin free.

tuffbond - (Uniclass 2015) Pr 20  31  53  62  Paving unit priming slurry mortars

How to mix and apply tuffbond


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tuffbond Bound / Rigid Slurry Priming Mortar

tuffbond significantly improves the adhesion of paving units to the bedding mortar, and the adhesion of bedding mortar to the concrete base beneath (if applicable):

If using 1 layer: 0 Kg x 25kg Bags 0 Kg

If using 2 layer: 0 Kg x 25kg Bags 0 Kg