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tufffix - Joint and bonding repair

tufffix can rejuvenate old paving, giving it a new lease of life, alleviating the need to fully lift and re-lay.

Old paving, often laid on sand/cement, which has cracked and broken joints and rocking pavers can be renovated with tufffix.

The thick flowable slurry mortar fills voids and replenishes joints to provide a structural repair.

Three simple steps to replenish damaged paving with tufffix;

  1. Remove all loose material from joints and thoroughly clean, ideally with a pressure washer.
  2. Pour tufffix in to the joints.
  3. Remove any excess using a sponge float.

Portions of the existing jointing mortar that are still sound and secure can be left in place and the tufffix applied over and around. 

The longevity of a repair carried out with tufffix will depend on the condition and quality of the existing structure, how heavily it is trafficked, and how well it is prepared.


Key Features 



It is important the pavement is entirely wet, to aid application, the complete filling of the joints and the final cleaning process.

Do NOT let mortar dry on the surface, spray with a light mist to keep moist while applying & cleaning, if necessary.

Only mix and apply one sachet at a time. Do not mix more material than will be used within about 15 minutes at an ambient 20ºC.