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tuffbed - Bedding mortar

A high performance fine bedding mortar pre-blended for ease of use, in smaller scale commercial, public realm and domestic projects.

tuffbed high performance fine bedding mortar is suitable for use in pavements constructed in concrete or natural stone paving units.

It is a requirement of BS7533-101 that laying course material be non-frost susceptible, permeable when cured and meet all the bedding mortar characteristics in Table 9. In addition, when tested in accordance with Annex C, bedding mortars will have a maximum capillary rise of 20mm. ‘tuffbed’ High Performance bedding mortar meets or exceeds all of these requirements.


Key Features 

  • Pre-blended bedding mortar in a single bag
  • Suitable for shallow bedding depth of 10-70 mm
  • Reduces the effect of efflorescence, frost damage and picture framing on paving
  • Fully complies with BS7533-101, Table 9, Type 25 and 35 bedding mortars
  • Suitable for heavily trafficked areas
  • For natural stone, granite, concrete and porcelain paving units
  • Ideal for domestic and smaller commercial projects

tuffbed - (Uniclass 2015) Pr  20  31  53  61 Paving Laying Course Mortars


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tuffbed Pre-Mixed Bound / Rigid Bedding Mortar

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