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Site Categories

The latest British Standards describe 4 Site Categories:-

More than 200 Standard Axles per day is a special case and requires expert design. Don't be deterred, superb examples exist carrying more than 1,000 Standard Axles per day but these were expertly designed and the installation work thoroughly well executed. Please discuss this type of situation with us.

The term "Standard Axles" is a widely understood industry definition, the following table provides an explanation.

Type of Commerical Vehicle Number of Standard Axles Notes
5 or more axles 3.5 Most articulated trucks
4 axle rigid 3  
4 axle articulated 2.6  
Coach or bus 2.6 Buses are significant
3 axle articulated 0.65  
3 axle rigid 1.7 Most refuse trucks
2 axle rigid 0.34  

It should be remembered that if any type of vehicle can gain access it almost certainly will, so there is an argument for considering any Public Realm pavement which is not situated at the top of a flight of steps and surrounded by bollards or a deep moat, to be at least a Site Category 3.