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tuffflow - Permeable Jointing

The First Bound SuDS Permeable Jointing Mortar

Suitable for domestic and public realm.

Previously special order only, now widely available in easy to use packaging and quantities. 

Using tuffflow bound permeable jointing mortar the designer now has the scope to experiment with aesthetics, unrestricted by the limiting generic appearance of unbound herringbone concrete block permeable systems.

This bound permeable jointing mortar enables the construction of fully bound permeable pavements, using natural stone or concrete modular elements. Full SuDS permeability is achieved by using tuffflow in combination with tuffbond and tuffbed 2-pack (SuDS) Permeable Bedding Mortar.

Features & Benefits

  • Greater choice for paving units (slabs, flags sets, blocks pavers, large format)
  • Completely free of polymers and resin additives.
  • Strong rigid jointing mortar for permanent installation.
  • Maintenance, durability, trafficking/loading, versatility.
  • Can be lightly jet washed and swept/brushed to keep clean and silt free to maintain aesthetics and permeability.
  • Suitable for public spaces with heavy pedestrian traffic, vehicular overrun, domestic patios and driveways (see below).
  • No need to regularly top up joints as is required with unbound jointing aggregate.
  • Low maintenance rigid/bound construction avoids the rapid degradation of joints and movement of pavers associated with unbound permeable paving.
  • Lightweight blue / green roof construction

Joint width and dimensions of paving units:
Due to the size of particles required to create a free-draining jointing mortar, the joints need to be at least 10mm wide to enable application and effective for joint widths of between 10mm and 20mm are generally recommended.
The larger the paver the wider the joints need to be to drain the same amount of rainwater so for large paving slabs joints wider than 20mm can be installed however the permeable jointing mortar becomes more exposed and so the maintenance requirement can increase.

We recommend designing permeable paving according to the SuDS manual recommendations relating to issues such as rainfall, catchment, flow rates, attenuation, etc. Contact our technical team for assistance.

The manufacturer recommends following the guidelines of BS 7533-101:2021-12 in order to construct a structurally sound pavement, according to the ground conditions and intended use.
tufffow jointing mortar should be assigned a 25 MPa mortar strength designation when referencing the above standard.

Please contact our technical team in all cases for assistance

How to use tuffflow on slabs.

How to use tuffflow on setts.

Click here for a demonstration of the full build-up of bedding to jointing with tuffflow.


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