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Bound or Unbound

Please let us forget for a moment that we produce and distribute mortar products...

If all the criteria which permit unbound construction are complied with, this is the best form of construction, there can be no doubt. You will find us wholeheartedly in support of any expressed wish to employ unbound construction and we will give sound advice in support of its use. Whilst modern city centre cleaning regimes and mounting traffic levels make this option increasingly less possible there are still many rural and suburban paving situations which might benefit from the intelligent use of unbound construction. 

Paving flags and slabs may be laid using unbound construction in non-trafficked situations.

Using large stone setts, unbound construction may be used up to Site Category 2. That means up to 60 Standard Axles per day, which can be used to describe many adopted highways.

All types of paving elements described here, paving flags & slabs, shallow and full depth setts, may be used in all traffic Site Categories when using bound construction.

The use of bedding and jointing mortar has its place, particularly where traffic levels are heavier than the use of unbound construction will allow.

Traffic loading which exceeds the maximum 200 Standard Axles per Day described in British Standards requires specialist design input, we urge you to contact us to discuss such situations. As stated, there are examples of natural stone paving surviving perfectly well under traffic loading in excess of 1,000 axles per day but these situations require special consideration. We are happy to assist.