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CPD - SuDS and Permeable Pavements

 The CPD initially provides an overview of the SuDS concept; the concept of the permeable pavement as a component of SuDS before exploring recent innovations in the design and development of materials and construction.

The presentation references guidance from British Standards, CIRIA and Interpave and extends to an investigation of the maintenance and longevity of permeable pavements in practice.

As with our other CPD topics, the course considers aesthetics and engineering requirements so it is relevant to both architects and engineers alike.

The presentation itself is intended to be concluded within an hour although it can provoke a lot of discussion and questions.

Please note:  Although not essential, we suggest that this CPD follows on from the 'Modular Pavements. Design and Specification Essentials' CPD as it assumes some knowledge of this topic and goes in to further detail specific to permeable paving.