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What is a BIM Product Data Sheet (PDS)?


A  BIM Product Data Sheet (PDS) is simply a COBie (Construction Operation Building information exchange) compliant Product Data Template (PDT) containing manufacturer information: including standard parameters but also parameters unique to each specific product. Hence we've provided here an individual PDS for each of our major product types. 

All of Steintec's BIM PDSs are available to download for free and have been prepared using 'common data language 'the industry's single naming convention. The properties in each PDS are defined using the language from the relevant BS or BS EN standards specifically relevant to each of our construction products and therefore meet the requirements of the UK Government's BIM Level 2 programme. 

Since 2016, the UK Government’s BIM Level 2 mandate has required the use of COBie (Construction Operation Building information exchange) data for all publically funded projects although many major projects in the private sector now adopt BIM methodology.

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