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Specifier / Designer

Steintec’s high-performance bedding, bonding and jointing mortars essential for bound construction pavements.

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A successfully executed modular pavement requires extensive knowledge of the numerous interrelated design and construction factors that directly affect quality, performance and longevity. An understanding of these factors and a thorough knowledge of the performance characteristics of our products, give our technical team a comprehensive command of modular pavement construction and the ‘standards’ related to the various construction methodologies.

The Steintec team is regularly called upon by engineers, landscape architects, specifiers and contractors to provide advice and guidance on sound specification and current best practices. Consequently, because we actively/regularly engage with design and engineering professionals worldwide, our specialist knowledge is constantly updated and refined.

We make this specialist knowledge/support available to all Specifiers / Designers engaged in modular pavement and public realm projects by offering;

Despite all this available knowledge every project has unique design requirements and limitations so we are keen to provide bespoke assistance throughout each project from conception through to completion in both an engineering and architectural perspective.

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