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tufftop - Jointing mortar

tufftop is a high performance non-permeable, self compacting free flowing slurry applied jointing mortar suitable for pavements constructed in natural stone or concrete paving units. 

The elastic modulus of tufftop is optimised to provide the correct supporting stiffness whilst continually absorbing the thermal and dynamic stresses inherent in bound pavements.
tufftop provides pavements with exceptional performance and durability including those in heavily trafficked environments.

Key Features 

  • Self compacting jointing slurry mortar
  • Four colours available, Natural Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Beige
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of BS7533-101, Table 12, for Type 25 and Type 40 jointing mortars.
  • For paved areas in; natural stone, granite, concrete and porcelain paving units
  • Extremely high durability and low maintenance
  • Polymer and resin free
  • Easy to clean

tufftop - (Uniclass 2015) Pr 20  31  53  60  Paving Jointing Mortars



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tufftop High Performance Non-Permeable Jointing Mortar

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