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tuffgrit - Bedding aggregate

A crushed igneous rock aggregate suitable for use as the laying course material for conventional unbound modular pavements and as the laying course and jointing material in SuDS permeable unbound modular pavements. 

Applications include driveways, public realm, commercial areas, patios and pavements using any paving units. 

tuffgrit is blended for optimum interlock of the angular particles, actively extending the durability of unbound/flexible pavements.


Key Features 

  • Water permeable (SuDS)
  • 2-6 mm natural aggregate
  • Available in 25kg bags or bulk bags
  • Highly durable
  • As described in EN 13242
  • Complies with BS 7533

tuffgrit - (Uniclass 2015) Pr 20-31-04-62  - Paving permeable laying course aggregate.  


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tuffgrit Permeable Unbound / Flexible Bedding Aggregate

tuffgrit bags 0 Kg x 25 Bags 0 Kg

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