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tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

tuffbed 2-pack is a high performance bedding mortar exceeding the requirements of BS7533 for type A and type B mortars. 

This two-part product requires no pre-drying or pre-blending of the aggregate content. The binder is packaged separately avoiding the need for energy intensive central processing. This reduces overall energy use and haulage.  
All mixing is carried out on site which makes tuffbed 2-pack suitable for commercial and larger public realm projects.  

Bedding depths of between 30mm and 70mm can be placed in a single layer. Greater depths can be achieved by placing successive layers. Optimum versatility and workability is achieved with a minimum layer depth of 30mm.

It is a requirement of BS7533 part 7 that 'The laying course should be frost resistant and allow the passage of water through it after it has cured.'

tuffbed 2-pack meets this requirement and ALL other requirements of BS7533.


Key Features

  • Fully water permeable and frost resistant 
  • Low carbon footprint
  • 40 min working time (10°C)
  • Sustainable
  • 30-70mm bedding depth 
  • Helps prevent moisture related paving issues
  • Complies with BS 7533 type A & type B requirements

tuffbed 2 pack - (Uniclass 2015) Pr  20  31  53  61  Paving Laying Course Mortars


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tuffbed 2-pack Bound / Rigid Bedding Mortar

tuffbed 2-pack is made by mixing 1 part tuffbed 2-pack mortar with 4 parts aggregate by weight, it is important that the correct ratio is maintained. Therefore you will require:

tuffbed 2-pack 25kg bags 0 Kg x 25 Bags 0 Kg

Aggregate bags 0 Kg x 25 Bags 0 Kg

Combined tuffbed 2-pack and aggregate bags 0 Kg x 25 Bags 0 Kg

Combined tuffbed 2-pack and aggregate 25kg bags per volume inputted 0 Bags