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Wandsworth, Osiers Road

  • Location: Wandsworth, London
  • Traffic Loading: Pedestrian
  • Region: UK London
  • Elements: Scoutmoor natural stone 400x600 slabs with 200x100 cropped granite setts
  • Completed: August 2022

The bound permeable pedestrian surface for this development was designed using a highly attractive combination of natural stone paving slabs and cropped granite setts. 

Bands of cropped setts with 20mm bound permeable joints to provide a rustic contrast to the precise cut and finish of the natural stone sawn slabs with 8mm joints.   

By making use of the latest techniques and materials, the development benefits from a bound permeable natural stone surface which is low/no maintenance, very durable and with higher aesthetic appeal than would have been possible using an unbound, pre-cast concrete permeable block pavement typically laid in a herringbone pattern.

This project combines SuDS bound permeable paving with the most up-to-date methods of construction in BS 7533-101 and a variety of build-ups over varying substrates including structural concrete, permeable concrete, made-up ground and attenuation crates.
The Steintec tuffflow system of permeable bedding and jointing mortars was used to construct a SuDS permeable, bound/rigid pavement. The system allows the designer to capitalise on the low maintenance and high durability of a BS structurally compliant bound/rigid public realm pavement while avoiding the disadvantages of loose bedding and jointing aggregates used in conventional SuDS pavement construction.

The Steintec technical team provided assistance for the design of the pavement and structural build-up as well as aid with drainage calculations for the permeable paving surfaces and maintenance schedules.
Steintec support team provided tools and equipment to the installation contractor as well as on-site training and supervisory guidance.

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Products Used

  • Washboy Hand Sponge

    Often overlooked, the Washboy is an accessory that can help put the finishing touches to any joint grouting job. The 23-litre bucket ...

  • tuffgrit - Bedding aggregate

    A crushed igneous rock aggregate suitable for use as the laying course material for conventional unbound modular pavements and as the ...

  • tuffflow - Permeable Jointing

    The First Bound SuDS Permeable Jointing Mortar Suitable for domestic and public realm. Previously special order only, now widely ...

  • tuffbond - Priming mortar

    Key Features Creates the essential adhesion bond between bedding and the paving element Applied to supporting concrete ...

  • tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

    Key Features Fully water permeable and frost resistant Low carbon footprint 40 min working time ...

  • Squeegee Joint Cleaning Tool

    The squeegee is essential for thorough cleaning of freshly grouted paving. Steintec’s squeegee tool makes it possible to achieve ...

  • Pergo 880: Grout Cleaning

    Use to sponge off cement grouts Rapidly cleans surplus grout Works on sawn or cropped surfaces Leaves a tidy and uniform ...