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tuffbau has just completed its latest project in Germany using a combination of tuffset G and tuffgrit, specified by architects Ingenieurburo Eisenberger and Streb.

The job involved replacing a busy entrance to the Deutsche Post - a major distribution hub for local and international freight with lorries and vans routinely pounding its pavement causing the granite roadway to fail.

The 45 square metre gated side entrance was in desperate need of repair but closing the roadway would have caused massive disruption to the post office. That’s where the quick setting properties of tuffset G came into their own.

Working in September alongside the contractor Creativ Idee Kirsch from Büchenbach, tuffbau was able to keep the post office fully operational throughout the two-day project. The old granite setts with a bush hammered surface were lifted out, pressure washed and then relaid using a mix of tuffset G and tuffgrit for bedding, priming and grouting.

With a 25,000 population, Roth is located about 25 km south of Nuremberg and is the capital district of Bavaria.

Today, the town plays host to a swinging blues and jazz festival and the legendary Datev Challenge Roth triathlon. Its main tourist attraction is the Schloss Ratibor, a castle and hunting lodge that dates back to the 1500s. In 1942, its then owner Freifrau Minna von Stieber offered the castle to the city of Roth as a present. Today the castle houses a museum, a restaurant, the municipal library and the offices and meeting rooms of the local council.

To watch each of the processes involved in the job, take a look at our latest video from paving removal to restoration.

Products Used

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  • tuffset G - Specialist mortar

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  • tuffgrit - Bedding aggregate

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