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Luton Town Centre

VolkerFitzpatrick was the contractor on a £7m contract to improve Luton’s infrastructure. The contractor was awarded the Luton Town Centre Transport Scheme project for the Borough Council – a scheme designed to generate economic growth.

The development formed a major part of the Council's vision for the future of Luton and involved completing the town centre inner ring road, from Old Bedford Road to St Mary's Roundabout and changes to traffic circulation on the north side of the town centre. The works involved the construction of new sections of a single and dual carriageway, a new rail over-bridge, retaining walls, four new traffic signal controlled junctions and associated utility diversions.

The scheme's overall aim was to reduce congestion in Luton and improve traffic circulation on the north side of the town centre, as well as access for pedestrians and cyclists. The changes also created bus priority measures at key signalled junctions, which will help to improve bus reliability and journey times.

VolkerFitzpatrick’s priority during the 2013 project was to reduce and minimise disruption where possible and so they relied on the unique quick-drying properties of Steintec grouting products for a 2,000 square metre section of the project.

The scheme was funded by the Department for Transport, third party contributions and Luton Borough Council. The works were completed in 2014.

You can view and download images free of charge of Luton Town Centre (as long as credit is provided) from here.

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