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London, O2 Arena

  • Location: London
  • Traffic Loading: Pedestrian
  • Project Size: >10,000 m2 m2
  • Region: UK London
  • Main Contractor: Skanska McNicholas
  • Designer: Whitelaw Turkington
  • Elements: Natural Granite and Slate

The government-funded Millennium Dome quickly became regarded as a national white elephant after serving its initial purpose of being a flagship venue to mark the turn of the new century. Deserted and standing in virtual isolation on the undeveloped Greenwich Peninsular, it was more that five years before investors promised the makeover that turned it into the success it has now become.

And now it is the centre piece of a continuing £5 billion scheme to redevelop the entire Greenwich Peninsular in a series of associated projects that includes the construction of 10,000 new homes, several schools, two hotels, 48-acres of open space, a business park and 3,000 square metres of office space.

Operating in its new O2 livery, millions of visitors can judge for themselves if the ambitious design concept that surrounds it has been realised. 

Design Concept
To create the heart of a dynamic and thriving riverside community, where Londoners can live, learn, work and play, establish a contemporary new way to mark the historic Greenwich Meridian, provide an impressive destination for tourists and complement the features and services offered by the adjoining 02 Arena, a 26,000-seat top entertainment venue, a metamorphosis of The Millennium Dome.

12,500 square metres of random-length (600mm to 800mm) granite slabs, each 50mm thick with a factory-induced, flame-texture. Some of the completed paving incorporates flush, ground-level geysers and artistic patterns, designed to portray the history of maritime Greenwich and features an embedded line of white granite, bordered with blue slate, representing the Greenwich Meridian.

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Products Used

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  • tuffbond - Priming mortar

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  • tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

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  • Pergo 880: Grout Cleaning

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  • Forced Action Mixer

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