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Lexicon Tower

  • Location: Islington, London
  • Traffic Loading: Pedestrian
  • Project Size: 3,000 (approx) m2
  • Region: UK London
  • Main Contractor: Modular
  • Completed: 2016

Contractors are putting the finishing touches to the landscape at the 3,000 square metre Lexicon development in London's City Road.

At the centre of this prestigious, award winning development - set to become a landmark on the City skyline - is a 36-storey tower of luxury canalside flats, dwarfing two smaller buildings, and enclosing a green and wooded area with shops and cafes.

Paving has been set using the Steintec system with contractors Modular Garden using tuffbed mothermix, tuffgrit aggregate, tuffbond and tufftop dark grey jointing grout to craft an amazing landscape.

You can see from our photo feature, snapped in Islington, some striking results.

Products Used

  • tufftop - Jointing mortar

    tufftop is a high performance non-permeable, self compacting free flowing slurry applied jointing mortar suitable for pavements constructed ...

  • tuffbond - Priming mortar

    A high performance bonding and priming mortar suitable for natural stone and pre-cast concrete paving units used in bound/rigid ...

  • tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

    ‘tuffbed 2-pack’ is a high performance bedding mortar that meets or exceeds the requirements of BS7533-101:2021, Table 9 for ...