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Leicester Square

Work started on redeveloping Leicester Square in 2010 and was officially re-opened in May 2012 a few months prior to the London Olympics.

The square includes many restaurants and entertainment facilities including cinemas used for many film premiers bringing millions of people through the area.

The development included more than 5000 square meters of granite setts and slabs and features a large statue of William Shakespeare at the centre. Surrounding the statue are a number of water jets coming through the paving and due to the permeability of the bedding, any water making its way through the stone is not blocked by our permeable tuffbed 2-pack mortar. This also means that our bedding mortar prevents any water from being trapped within the paving, therefore efflorescence and frost breaking the paving just do not occur.

As the site was built to full British standards the paving is able to easily cope with the large pedestrian footfall as well as Emergency Service and regular Maintenance and delivery vehicles. tuffbed 2-pack complies with or exceeds the performance requirements of BS7533.

Once the paving was in place Weiss StainProtect Profi was used to add a breathable seal to the paving. This creates an easy to clean surface through which moisture vapour can pass through normally.

As part of our standard services, Steintec delivered on-site technical advice and practical support through our dedicated project team. Alongside the support, sample cubes of the bedding mix were taken for testing, to show the quality of the paving being laid. Click here for more information on our free on-site support.

Leicester Square is just another example of how well our products can stand the test of time.

Products Used

  • Weiss Stain Protect Pro: Protection

    A post-construction impregnator for natural stone, porcelain and precast concrete paving elements. Forming a transparent and breathable ...

  • tufftop - Jointing mortar

    Key Features Self compacting jointing slurry mortar Four colours available, Natural Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, ...

  • tuffbond - Priming mortar

    Key Features Creates the essential adhesion bond between bedding and the paving element Applied to supporting concrete ...

  • tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

    Key Features Fully water permeable and frost resistant Low carbon footprint 40 min working time ...

  • Pergo 880: Grout Cleaning

    Use to sponge off cement grouts Rapidly cleans surplus grout Works on sawn or cropped surfaces Leaves a tidy and uniform ...