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Elliot Street, New Zealand

  • Location: Auckland
  • Traffic Loading: Light
  • Region: New Zealand

Paving mortar and grouts possessing remarkable performance characteristics and complying fully with the requirements of BS7533. That's why tuffbau is the professionals' preferred choice of paving mortar systems for the Elliott Street shared space streetscape within the Auckland CBD.

A major characteristic of a street designed to this philosophy is the absence of traditional road markings, signs, traffic signals and the distinction between road and pavement. User behaviour becomes influenced and controlled by natural human interactions rather than by artificial regulation.

Urban planners have long been grappling with the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians but their segregation - which drove the creation of raised roadways, underground car parks and pedestrian shopping centres in the 1960s - has more recently given way to the concept of “shared spaces”.

The “shared space” road sees pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles as equals in using a road space.

Since the introduction of high performance products to the paving industry, tuffbau has set an industry benchmark for the quality of its specialist paving mortars and grouts. All of the paving products from the tuffbau accredited range have been proven to comply and exceed the required industry standards of BS7533 and have an extensive track record of success both internationally and throughout New Zealand.

tuffbau...making waves with paving mortar and grouts.