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Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre

  • Location: Ealing, London
  • Traffic Loading: Pedestrian
  • Project Size: 2,400 m2
  • Region: UK London
  • Main Contractor: Havercroft Construction
  • Client: Ealing District Council
  • Elements: Setts & Slabs
  • Completed: January 2016

tuffset G when time costs money

When Ealing planners decided to invest in a revamp of its flagship shopping centre, they also had the foresight to invest up front in cleaning and protection products for its paving. This not only ensured the longevity of the paving centrepiece but also meant its aesthetics were greatly enhanced. 

tuffset G is a revolutionary high performance specialist mortar, chosen by contractors on time-critical projects where it is vital to keep people or traffic on the move. In a busy shopping centre, it was vital to cause minimal disruption to local traders and limit inconvenience to shoppers.

Designed for early trafficking, tuffset G is the ONLY 3-hour early trafficking product on the market that achieves FULL BS7533 compliance. tuffset G is a multi-purpose product, that can be used with tuffgrit aggregate for high performance bedding with early strength gain, and on its own as a high adhesive bond priming mortar, or as a low-shrinkage jointing slurry grout.

tuffset G can also be used for general carriageway repair, and to fix damaged concrete, paving, manhole frames and embedded ironwork.

Pavement care with Weiss

The effects of nature and modern life always leave their mark on paving systems. But thanks to a succsseful long-term alliance, Steintec and Weiss bring to market a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance solutions to deal successfully with most of the unavoidable cleaning and protection problems that can arise. Weiss products used in Ealing are available exclusively through Steintec in the UK.

From the total protection of paving before or after it is laid, to the removal of stubborn dirt, chewing gum, soaked-in fast food and engine oils, natural green growth and algae, embedded rust spots, construction site staining from cement residues, and even the stripping of resin protection previously applied, there is a solution at hand.

Products Used

  • Weiss Stain Protect Pro: Protection

    A post-construction impregnator for natural stone, porcelain and precast concrete paving elements. Forming a transparent and breathable ...

  • Weiss CSR: Cement Stain Remover

    Removes cement stains from internal and external natural stone surfaces, porcelain and precast Concrete paving elements. Do NOT use CSR ...

  • tuffset G - Specialist mortar

    A specialist multi-purpose paving mortar. tuffset G can be used for top to bottom reinstatement of an entire paving structure. Ideal ...