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  • Location: West Cork
  • Traffic Loading: Pedestrian

Through a joint, value-engineered solution, this is the first time Steintec has put its name to a project using pre-cast concrete paving instead of natural stone.

In producing a design for the renovation of Astna Square, architects have created an elegant town entrance to Clonakilty for visitors travelling in from the Cork Road. The re-developed Square is designed to provide a taste of the West Cork town’s rich historical heritage.

The Kilty Stone, from where the town’s name is derived - Cloich na Coillte – has been raised onto a magnificent stone pedestal to make it a clearly identifiable focal point. A commemorative statue of Tadhg O’Donovan Astna now sits on a new stone base including comfortable public seating. Seating of the same style has also been built around the trunk of a large Chestnut tree and an underground water channel creates an interesting feature.

Dark Irish limestone on the ground – Natural Aggregate Textured Rimini and Florento - incorporates rhythmic fibre-optical coloured lights. These lights change their colour at night.

While Astna Square is used mainly by pedestrians in the park area with only occasional vehicular access, a section of the project crossing the main street had to be durable enough to cope with all types of vehicles from cars to heavy good vehicles. It is here that architects have relied on the paving constructed on a ‘bound’ system and sett using Steintec’s specialist tuffbau products. This project was significant as it’s probably the first time a local Council have used concrete based flags in a ‘bound’ system.

Technical research concludes that the exceptional quality and wide variety of the paving is perfectly matched to the technical superiority of Steintec’s tuffbau product portfolio.

Irish-based specifiers, engineers and contractors will now have access to full and unrivalled technical support and on-site guidance.

Products Used

  • tufftop - Jointing mortar

    Key Features Self compacting jointing slurry mortar Four colours available, Natural Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, ...

  • tuffbond - Priming mortar

    Key Features Creates the essential adhesion bond between bedding and the paving element Applied to supporting concrete ...