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Blackfriars Bridge

Minimising disruption to thousands of people in the capital was uppermost in the mind of Transport for London when it decided to create a segregated North-South Cycle Superhighway route from Elephant and Castle to Stonecutter Street, near Holborn Viaduct.

The scheme, backed by former London Mayor, Boris Johnson, was designed to improve safety for cyclists, other road users and pedestrians. Plans included a wide, segregated, two-way cycle route with cycle lanes separating cyclists from turning traffic at signalised junctions and from buses at bus stops. The redevelopment also included new and improved pedestrian crossings and junction improvements on some neighbouring side roads.

Construction work for the Superhighway started at St George's Circus in March 2015 with works continuing until March this year on Blackfriars Bridge, New Bridge Street and Farringdon Street in the City of London. tuffset G was the specialist paving mortar of choice with contractors relying on its unique, high performance capabilities for time critical repairs.

tuffset G is the ONLY 3-hour early trafficking product that achieves FULL BS7533 compliance. It is multi-purpose and can be used with tuffgrit aggregate for high performance bedding with early strength gain, and on its own as a high adhesive bond priming mortar, or as a low-shrinkage jointing slurry grout.
tuffset G can also be used for general carriageway repair and to fix damaged concrete, paving, manhole frames and embedded ironwork.

Products Used

  • tuffset G - Specialist mortar

    A specialist multi-purpose paving mortar. tuffset G can be used for top to bottom reinstatement of an entire paving structure. Ideal ...