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Our Commercial Calculator is available here.

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Select a product to scroll to the calculator required tuffbed Utility . tuffbond Utility . tufftop Utility . tuffgrit

tuffbed Utility Pre-Mixed Bedding Mortar

tuffbed Utility bags 0 Kg x 25 Bags 0 Kg

tuffbond Utility Bonding & Priming Mortar

tuffbond Utility significantly improves the adhesion of paving units to the bedding mortar, and the adhesion of bedding mortar to the concrete base beneath (if applicable):

If using 1 layer: 0 Kg x 11kg Tubs 0 Kg

If using 2 layer: 0 Kg x 11kg Tubs 0 Kg

tufftop Utility Jointing Mortar

Joint mortar consumption 0 kg m²

tufftop 11kg Tubs 0 Tubs

tufftop kg required 0 Kg

tuffgrit Permeable Unbound / Flexible Bedding Aggregate

tuffgrit bags 0 Kg x 25 Bags 0 Kg

tuffgrit bulk bag (~850kg) 0 Bulk Bags