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Halder Simplex Hammers

The Simplex Mallet is made up with four parts - the cast iron housing or an aluminium housing, wooden handle and two interchangable Inserts including composite rubber and superplastic.

This particular Simplex hammer type is designed for contractors working in: paving, curbstone setting, concrete form set-up, scaffold construction, tent and hall construction, gardening and landscaping, housing assembly, prefabricated-house construction, carpentry and fence construction. Other inserts are available.

Because of it's unique design, it is no longer the case that different hammers would be required for particular jobs.

Just remove one of the inserts and replace it with the one required at the time. Like anything, one day the Halder Simplex hammer will require a replacement part, However, unlike with many tools, the unique design of the Hammer itself, means you won’t ever need to dispose of it. Simply, replace whichever part has worn down due to wear and tear and continue to use this well balanced, essential piece of equipment.