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Tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

tuffbed 2-pack is a natural bedding mortar system featuring a low carbon footprint. The product is made up of natural, polymer and additive-free high-performance 2-pack dry mortar, mixed with our special tuffgrit aggregate blend.

The unique angular and interlocking structure of tuffgrit aggregate plays a major part in the mixed product's final performance. The overall strength, flexibility and elasticity of the mortar on its own is enough to meet the BS7533 Standards for modular paving.

Mixed with tuffgrit and allowed to cure, tuffbed 2-pack also succeeds in meeting the final BS7533 compliance requirements of allowing water to pass through it, and be fully frost proof -- crucial achievements that none of our competitors are able to claim.

With much of its strength coming from the tuffgrit aggregate,tuffbed 2-pack requires up to 50 per cent less carbon-hungry binders than other cement-based bedding products. tuffbed 2-pack can be laid to a depth of 70mm in one layer. Greater depths are possible if built from successive layers.

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