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The Shard

  • Location: London
  • Traffic Loading: Pedestrian
  • Project Size: >2,000 m2
  • Region: UK London
  • Main Contractor: Skanska McNicholas
  • Client: Private
  • Architect: Whitelaw Turkington
  • Elements: Slabs
  • Completed: 30 March 2013

Irvine Sellar, the joint owner and developer of the iconic Shard building in the vibrant London Bridge Quarter of London, describes this 'vertical city' as a modern beacon of progressive architecture.

He had an ambitious vision to create a striking skyline monument incorporating retail, offices, hotel, apartments, restaurants and a public viewing gallery. His idea was to build a diverse vibrant community and provide multiple areas within which the public could experience the building and its magnificent views. And all of this astride one of London’s major transport hubs. Today that vision is a reality and The Shard is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

The thousands of visitors daily cross a magnificent paved expanse set using Tuffset G specialist mortar supplied by tuffbau.

You can view and download images of The Shard free of charge (as long as credit is provided) from here.

Products Used

  • Tuffgrit - Bedding aggregate

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  • Tuffbond - Priming mortar

    Sometimes overlooked, tuffbond priming mortar is a crucial component in modern pavement engineering. The strong adhesive qualities of ...

  • Forced Action Mixer

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  • Tufftop - Jointing mortar

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