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Tamesis 1

  • Location: Egham, Surrey
  • Traffic Loading: Heavy
  • Project Size: 800 m2
  • Region: UK South East
  • Main Contractor: BAM Construct UK Ltd
  • Architect: Planit IE
  • Elements: Granite Setts
  • Completed: October 2017

Tamesis 1 is a busy office building near Egham, Surrey, with a distinct granite paved entrance subjected to regular heavy traffic.

The paving serves as access to the main multi-storey car park for the daily influx of commuter cars as well as a visually impressive drop-off and turning area for taxis and regular delivery vehicles in the region of 3.5t to 7.5t

A key feature of this project is the economical construction developed from a design remit restricting budget, depth of build-up and timescale yet needing to withstand relatively heavy traffic and demonstrating impeccable aesthetics.

The structural properties of Steintec mortar have been used to alleviate the need for a concrete road base and to reduce the depth of construction, despite the heavy traffic loading. In this case, an asphalt (DBM) roadbase has been employed to save time and cost on the project. Shallow granite setts (150 x 300 x 80 mm) have been used to reduce build up depth to again save time and cost in excavation and materials.

This method of construction requires the consideration of many technical factors and each project must be individually designed accordingly. For assistance with such construction methods please contact our technical team.

Products Used

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  • Tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

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