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Broadgate Circle

  • Location: London
  • Traffic Loading: Pedestrian
  • Project Size: 2,000 m2
  • Region: UK London
  • Main Contractor: Maylim & Grants of Shoreditch
  • Client: British Land & GIC
  • Elements: Setts & Slabs
  • Completed: 2015-04-01

Broadgate Circle is an amazing space having been regenerated into an exciting new retail, leisure and food destination. The launch took place in early 2015, retaining the iconic circular design featuring Steintec products.

Open during the week and at the weekend, this is the perfect location to avoid the hustle and bustle of London’s West End while discovering the City’s historic past. From Broadgate Circle, it’s just a short walk to the famous Spitalfields or visitors can browse the latest fashions, vintage collectables and art in the locality.

With a modern amphitheatre setting, Broadgate Circle is also home to an innovative year-round events programme, from beach volleyball to open air cinema. As part of the redevelopment work, this unique performance space was lowered to improve visibility.

Products Used

  • Tuffbond - Priming mortar

    Sometimes overlooked, tuffbond priming mortar is a crucial component in modern pavement engineering. The strong adhesive qualities of ...

  • Tuffgrit - Bedding aggregate

    Steintec's tuffgrit is a specially graded crushed rock aggregate blended specifically to allow optimum interlocking of angular ...

  • Tufftop - Jointing mortar

    Steintec’s tufftop is a high-performance jointing mortar suitable for all types of natural stone and modular paving. Thoroughly ...

  • Tuffbed 2-pack - Bedding mortar

    tuffbed 2-pack is a natural bedding mortar system featuring a low carbon footprint. The product is made up of natural, polymer and ...